Traditional Chinese Herbal Skin Products

Analgesic Balm (move blood-relieve pain)
Provides relief for minor aches and pain. - Ingredients: wjite willow bark, wintergreen, meadowsweet, yarrow, arnica, st. John's wort, mo yao, bing pain, olive oil, beeswax.
2oz $11

Burn Ointment (clear fire-resolve toxins)
Provides relief from minor burns and insect bites. Also works great at healing hemorrhoids. - Ingredients: dang gui, zi cao gen, sheng di huang, tao ren, gan cao, hong hua, huang lian, lavender, olive oil, beeswax.
2oz $13

Anti-fungal Salve (clear toxins)
Helps relieve symptoms associated with fungal skin rashes such as tinea or candida rash. - Ingredients: Ku shen. da huang, zi cao gen, huang bai, tea tree oil, olive oil, beeswax.
2oz $12

Eczema Relief (clear heat-dispel damp)
End suffering from cronic dry, itchy, oozing skin!! Provides temporary relief from eczema by decreasing itching and dampness while healing tissue. - Ingredients: huang bai, mu li, qing dai, comfrey, olive oil, beeswax.
2oz $10

Psoriasis Relief (clear wind-dissipate heat)
Provides temporary relief from psoriasis by decreasing itching and healing tissue. - Ingredients: dang gui, zi cao gen, da huang, ku shn, oats, juniper berries, olive oil, beeswax.
2oz $10

Scar Salve (move blood-reduce swelling)
Helps in the healing if scars by decreasing swelling and generating new skin. - Ingredients: wu bei zi, wu gong, red clover, olive oil, beeswax.
2oz $11

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